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    The Science of Our Formulas

    The Research Behind It All

    At S.T. Go, we place a great importance on creating scientifically-backed formulas that target the root causes of aging skin. By combing just the right mixture of natural skin emollients, DNA, RNA, herbal extracts, amino acids, proteins, and balancing them all to the proper pH level, we have created, as accurately as possible, the optimum environment for the skin. Using strict modern scientific techniques, we have dedicated ourselves to this, and achieved it.

    The Four Aging Factors

    Everything that you do to your skin during your lifetime leaves a lasting impression. But there are four main factors that cause our skin to age, and these are the things that we try to combat with our products.

    Time: Wrinkles are the biggest complaint as we begin to age, and they can appear as early as your 20s. Most people start seeing "laugh lines" around their mouth or "crow's feet" around the eyes first, as well as frown lines on the forehead. Elastin and collagen, the proteins that keep your skin strong, supple and able to bounce back, are produced more slowly as you age.

    Genetics: As your skin ages, it doesn't renew itself as quickly. This can depend on your genetics. The age at which wrinkles and fine lines appear largely depends on your genes as well-- if your mother started getting wrinkles in her 30s, or even earlier, it's likely that you will too.

    Gravity: Thinning, sagging and dryness are all part of the aging process as well. The slowed production of elastin and collagen also plays a role in keeping your skin firm and supple and often leads to the less desirable “Turkey neck”.

    Oxidation: The process of oxidation damages cell membranes and other structures, including cellular proteins, and the very DNA found within these structures. Stress, cigarette smoke, alcohol use, sun exposure, chemical additives to our food supply, and pollution accelerate the damage from oxidation. DNA oxidative damage has also been shown to accelerate the aging process, causing unwanted wrinkles.


    Aging is due to factors we cannot control; but now, we have total control over youthful looking skin. One thing that can protect you, and reduce the damage caused by oxidation, are antioxidants. These powerful natural substances hunt down and neutralize harmful free radicals from the body, and also help to shield your cell’s DNA from oxidation damage.


    S. T. Go products are tested and proven. Our formulas are the results of years of scientific research in effective herbs and nutrients. Unlike many other skincare companies, who make wild claims without actual clinical trial testing procedures, we commissioned Thomas J. Stephens & Associates, Inc. a well-respected, independent clinical testing organization. Combined with unbiased, rigid trials to make sure they really work, our formulas have been validated to produce incredibly dramatic, youthful looking results. Tested on their ability to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, as well as the firmness and roughness of the skin, our clinical trials have shown that our formulas produce the results they promise.

    Clinical study conducted by: Thomas J. Stephens & Associates, Inc.

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    Independent Clinical Study

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