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    Cell Parér: Is it Possible to Marry a Skin Formula? 'Cause I'd Like to Propose

    -Here's How I Visibly Reduced the Look of My Fine Lines & Wrinkles

    BY HEATHER MITCHEL Jul 15, 2024

    Courtesy S.T. GO

    I 've been desperately searching for a product that can be my go-to fix for smoother, younger looking skin. So when I saw the posts singing the praises of S.T. Go's renowned wrinkle-fighting formula, I immediately needed to try it for myself. S.T. Go, for those not familiar with the name, is a long-established skin-renewing institute. Located just steps away from Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, they've been helping women look younger than their age for over 40 years. I'm pretty stoked to have access to the formulas that Hollywood celebs have had at their fingertips for decades.

    Intrigued by their scientific approach to skincare and advanced anti-aging technology, I dove in for all the details.


    Cell Parér $130 $49 Courtesy

    Unlike a lot of skin creams that only focus on a "quick fix," Cell Parér promises to go a big step further, fixing the visible oxidation damage that causes wrinkles, sagging, and all those other signs of aging that we all despise.

    Cell Parér uses a "virtual bouquet" of herbal extracts that form this superhero team of wrinkle fighters, each with its own superpower secret weapon that promises to fight off the signs of aging.

    With 40 years of skin care science under their belt and an advanced formula that has a reputation for being passed down from one generation to the next, I wanted in on this ageless beauty secret!

    I don't know about you, but I just HATE finding those new lines around my eyes. I start feeling stressed, not knowing what product holds the solution to slow down the look of those lines!

    It doesn't help browsing the beauty isles! Have you felt overwhelmed reading all the products — serums, oils, creams, night-repair, under-eye gel, the list goes on...I just want one go-to solution for smoother, younger looking skin and that's what S.T. Go's Cell Parér did for me.

    This all-in-one formula lifts sagging-looking skin to visibly iron out ugly looking wrinkles, brighten skin tone, shrink pores, firm skin, AND diminish signs of hyper pigmentation (uneven skin tone). Can I just check YES, PLEASE to all those effects, because I want them all. And if one jar can do it, well count me as one happy girl.

    Did I mention Cell Parér is crazy affordable? I'd been considering investing hundreds of dollars for serums that were barely an ounce. Cell Parér is shockingly affordable at just $49.00 for a full 60-day supply. Add to cart and checkout, please.

    Reading through the rave reviews, I couldn't wait for my delivery to arrive. My skin yearned to look smoother! I'd finally get in on the secret Beverly Hills beauties had been enjoying all these years.

    Where did Cell Parér Come From?

    While I waited for my jar of Cell Parér to arrive, I did some digging into what made some women talk about S.T. Go like it was an old friend. Apparently, once you get your first jar, you're hooked (that's what S.T. Go's Cell Parér did for me, but more on that in a bit).

    The brand dates back to the 1970's when a ground-breaking female chemist with extensive knowledge of herbal and plant extract, created Cell Parér.

    Like a lot of us, she was looking for a solution to the skin issues that were appearing on her face. With nothing on the market to satisfy her, she did what any frustrated, determined woman on a mission does — she created her own formula to solve her skin problems. You go girl! Using her background in chemistry along with her expertise in herbs and botanicals, Cell Parér was born!

    What Exactly is Cell Parér?

    Cell Parér by S.T. Go is an all-in-one skincare formula clinically-proven to lift, smooth, firm, moisturize, and diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

    That's a whole lot for one jar to promise, but S.T. Go is all about transparency and scientific data. I guess they know we've all experienced creams and lotions that promise big results and just don't deliver much.

    Their website is overflowing with data on their research and development along with a clinical study conducted by an independent laboratory that proves Cell Parér's effectiveness.

    How Does it Work?

    While other skin care companies focus on collagen and elastin, Cell Parér goes above and beyond that, addressing oxidative damage that accelerates aging. What I learned is that oxidation from free radicals damages our skin cells. Things like pollution, stress, and the sun (all the stuff that's just impossible to avoid!) make the damage worse.

    Simply put, oxidation accelerates the visible effects of aging skin. I was fascinated to learn there's actually things we can do to fix this wrinkled, sagging look to our skin.

    Antioxidants fight the free radicals that damage the look of your skin. That's powerful stuff. So why don't more skin care products address oxidation?

    It must be why S.T. Go has such a loyal following. Cell Parér's formula is designed to fight the visible effects of sagging, wrinkled, dull skin. Cell Parér' has been shown to visibly reduce the signs of crow's feet, laugh lines, forehead creases
    — all the stuff we hate!

    Apparently I'm not the only one who's in love with Cell Parér:

    • Absolutely Hooked on S.T. Go

      "Let me take this opportunity to tell you how marvelous your products are and how they have transformed my face in such a short time. I am absolutely hooked on S.T. Go Products. The Cell Parér Formula actually dissipates wrinkles and minimizes heavy lines on the face. I will be 45 years old this July, but both my son's friends tell him that I look like I'm in my 30's."*

    • I Will Be 49 in January and Have No Wrinkles

      "I tried several other products. My skin looked horrible. It started to dry and age right before my eyes. I called several weeks ago, ordered the Cell Parér and started using it day and night. Friends immediately started asking me what I was doing to my skin. I will never run out again. I will be 49 years old in January and have no wrinkles."*

    • My Friends Say I Don't Look That Old

      "I am 71 yrs. old already my friends say, I don't look that old, so I am happy and glad I found your product it's so helpful. I enjoy using your Cell Parér and it really helps my face and skin becomes soft and younger looking. I recommend it to my daughters, daughter in laws and friends to use it I thank you for your fine products."*

    Those are just three of the countless happy customers who can't stop raving about how young and vibrant their skin looks. Many satisfied customers have written in, singing Cell Parér's praises for nurturing their skin, keeping it looking flexible, youthful, and vibrant — all in less than 2 minutes a day!

    What Makes It So Special?

    My jar arrived and I loved that I didn't have to even leave the house for this luxury straight-outta-Beverly-Hills wrinkle treatment. I couldn't wait to open it up and apply. Unlike many so-called wrinkle products, Cell Parér isn't greasy and absorbed instantly into my skin (it also smells amazing btw).

    You'll notice softer, smoother looking skin immediately, but wait a few weeks to watch the magic really start to happen. Many women report seeing the big benefits after about 6 weeks, and much bigger benefits after 12 weeks of consistent use. That's exactly when most women in the independent, unbiased clinical study done by Thomas J Stevens and Associates reported seeing their amazing results and it's what I experienced too.

    I'd give myself a quick glance in the mirror before heading out the door, and I'd have to stop and stare. My face looked smoother, brighter, without me even looking for results. And then having a friend who I hadn't seen in a few months, greet me with "Did you have something done? You look great" and I was 100% sold.

    Even the independent experts who conducted the clinical study saw "across the board improvements" in the impression of fine lines, wrinkles, firmness, and skin roughness. An astounding 80% of the women reported improvement in the look of their face. Those results are pretty convincing if you ask me!

    The key to Cell Parér's effectiveness is due to its six secret compounds that target fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, pore size, firmness, and hyperpigmentation. These specially formulated compounds, including Neuvitagene, Propelatone, and Neuflexium, work together to create the perfect balance for gorgeous, glowing skin.

    Trust me, you're going to be touching your face more, wanting to take more selfies and get ready for your friends to shower you with compliments! Just wait... it's going to happen!

    So What's the Verdict?

    I think I'm an unofficial member of the S.T. Go family now. My skin feels softer, I see less lines in the mirror and there's an overall smoothness and brightness to my skin that still catches me off guard every time I look in the mirror.

    I love that the ingredients are high-quality, from a company with a fantastic reputation and I almost forgot to mention:

    • They never test on animals
    • The products are made in the USA

    At $49.00 it's a steal, especially when I think of all the lotions, creams and serums it's going to forever replace.

    If you've looked in the mirror lately and haven't been happy or scrolled onto a photo of yourself that makes you feel down because of how your skin looks, it's time to do something about it.

    Imagine being caught off guard when you see your reflection and not expecting to see a younger looking version of yourself! Yes, that feeling is as good as it sounds! Ready to turn some heads? Cell Parér is just a click away.


    Cell Parér $130 $49 Courtesy

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