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Actual Letters Sent
By Our Customers

*Results may vary

It is never too late!

"I love all of the products. I have been using your products for about a year and a half and I wish your products were available when I was twenty years old. At that time, I would have taken better care of my skin with the help of your products. It is never too late! I am fifty-one years old, don't feel it and certainly don't look it thanks to your products."*


Don't need make-up anymore

"I would recommend this product to anyone of any age. My skin is so nice now I will leave the house without make-up. Before, I was embarrassed for anyone to see me without make-up!"*


Absolutely hooked on S.T. Go Products

"Let me take this opportunity to tell you how marvelous your products are and how they have transformed my face in such a short time. I remember thinking this must be a gimmick. Well, I said to myself, "What can I lose and if I'm dissatisfied with S.T. Go Products I could just quit and never buy them again. "Well now, I am absolutely hooked on S.T. Go Products". The Cell Parér Formula actually dissipates wrinkles and minimizes heavy lines on the face. I will be 45 yrs. old this July, but both my son's friends tell him that I look like I'm in my 30's. This is just fantastic for my ego! It's a marvelous feeling for me to hear my friends and relatives also say that I look way younger than my age. If there is another big earthquake in Oakland, all I need to take are my contact lenses and my Cell Parér Formula and rush out of the house quickly. Thank you for helping me look prettier and younger. I just love your products and will be your most faithful customer."*


She looks much younger & healthier

"My wife is more than pleased with your products. Initially I had my doubts, but I have also noted the change in her complexion over the last couple of years. It has improved dramatically. She looks much younger & healthier."*


I'm sure they won't believe me

"I'm so happy I have to let you know. I was in Kansas City 2 weeks ago and saw some people that I haven't seen in 3 or 4 years. When I was there, they commented that they didn't recognize me and I just thought that the reason was because they haven't seen me for years. Well, here's the best news I've heard in my life! After a few days, a friend called to tell me that at least 3 people asked where I had my plastic surgery done!!! I'm sure they won't believe me if I tell them that "my secret" is Cell Parér Formula. Thanks!"*


Start now and feel the big difference this wonderful skin care line will do for you

"Happy to receive my order! I applied the product on a Thursday evening and quickly my skin felt so clean and soft again. On Friday I received my first compliment from one of my wealthy customers from the country club. She said, "Gracie, you look so great, did you get a mini face lift?" I smiled and told her no and told her about S.T. Go and the wonderful products. She was so excited she said, "please I need to order what you ordered to get such a healthy glow". Ladies, products come and go and one thing is for sure, you owe it to yourself, start now and feel the big difference this wonderful skin care line will do for you!!!"*


My friends say I don't look that old

"I like your product very much, it helps my face feel soft and erases some of the lines on my forehead. For your information, I am 71 yrs. old already my friends say, I don't look that old, so I am happy and glad I found your product it's so helpful. I enjoy using your Cell Parér and it really helps my face and skin becomes soft and younger looking. I recommend it to my daughters, daughter in laws and friends to use it I thank you for your fine products."*


Made my wrinkles disappear

"I am not the type to use creams & have never believed that they did much good, especially so far as wrinkles are concerned. It works so well. I never go a day without it nor could I imagine doing so. It really has made my wrinkles disappear -how exciting!"*


My skin has never looked beter

"I tried so many expensive creams, but they never really did anything for my skin. The first time I used Cell Parér my skin felt so soft. I kept using it and could see a change in my skin. It looks healthier and younger looking. I am 42 years old and really take good care of my skin and always want to look my best."*


I will be 49 in January and have no wrinkles

"I tried several other products. My skin looked horrible. It started to dry and age right before my eyes. I called several weeks ago, ordered the Cell Parér and started using it day and night. Friends immediately started asking me what I was doing to my skin. I will never run out again. I will be 49 years old in January and have no wrinkles."*


I am a true believer in your products and their quality

"I just wanted to take a moment and commend you on the wonderful products that I have purchased. I am so happy with them that I had to tell you. My skin is in its early 40s, it's beginning to show some minor little age lines around the eyes and they are beginning to diminish, as are the small lines around my mouth. I look as good at 5pm as I do at 6:30am. I've spent more money and received far less quality. I am a true believer in your products and their quality."*


You have achieved a breakthrough in skin care

"I am writing you this letter to let you know that within the first two days there was an extreme improvement in my complexion. Your formula has made my complexion more moist, full, and has developed a "peaches and cream look". I have intentions of getting your full line to see what it can do for my complexion also, I feel that you have achieved a breakthrough in skin care that many people have tried to achieve for centuries."*


No more red spots, blemished or dry skin

"I love your products. My younger sister was starting to worry that she was looking older than me. So, now she is using your products! I am 35 years old and most people can not believe it. It is great to finally find a product that doesn't irritate or burn my sensitive skin. No more red spots, blemished or dry skin. Thank you and keep up the good work. I'm living proof your products are great!"*


S.T. Go products make me look 20 years younger

"It is a pleasure to find a skin treatment that shows an improvement in my appearance. I am one who has large pores, so it is important for me to treat my skin with care. Being the product of Black and Caucasian parents, my complexion is the shade of a Spanish person. S.T. Go products make me look 20 years younger. I am not the only one who has noticed this change, but those who have known me for a long time have also noticed."*



"My husband could instantly tell the
lines were decreasing."*

Julie A.

"The lines are just fading away."*

Miranda T.

"Just in that initial application of
the product, to be able to see
that dramatic result that
quickly, amazed me."*

Kyle H.

"I was very happy to see that
there's a nice ingredient list
on these S.T. Go products."*

Lance H. (Pharmacist)

"The lines under my eyes were
immediately diminished"*

Deborah O.

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