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About S T Go

S T Go products are made from the finest possible ingredients. All active ingredients are extracted from natural sources that are both environmentally safe and contain no animal products.
Additionally, the attention to the manufacturing process is demanding. The operative goal throughout the manufacturing process is product excellence. Moreover, S T Go maintains a cutting edge vigil, seeking new and innovative ways to improve the products. The vigilance has resulted in these advanced products.
S T Go History
S T Go’s products are the result of years of research into effective herbs and putting them to rigid scientific tests. The result was that many of the plants and herbal extracts widely used in Asia proved to be highly effective. When confronted with skin problems, such as drying, premature wrinkling and breaking out, due to stress and change in the environment, S T Go surveyed the range of skin care products available on the market and found that the common belief was that for dry skin you should apply heavy, greasy creams, but the truth was that is exactly the wrong thing to do. The company learned from experience that many consumers know little or nothing about their skin; and that between the confusing advertising claims and the pop remedies offered the public, there was very little effective care to be found. For instance, if you wash your skin with an ordinary hand soap, it raises the skin’s natural pH level from around 4.5 or 5.5 to something like a 9 on the pH scale, causing the skin to feel taut and irritable by making them almost as alkaline as floor cleaners.
S T Go Products
S T Go’s goal from the very beginning has been to recreate the optimum environment for the skin, based on the knowledge that the skin, just like the body’s immune system, seeks to heal and protect itself. The assumption is that if the right environment could be recreated, the complexion should automatically revert to that of younger looking skin, or as close to it as possible. This was an impressive order to fill, but S T Go has achieved this result by combining just the right mixture of natural skin emollients, DNA, RNA, herbal extracts, amino acids, proteins, and balancing them all to a proper pH level, to recreate, as accurately as possible, that optimum environment for the skin. It was a goal, to which S T Go dedicated itself and achieved, using strict modern scientific techniques, as well as proven aspects of herbal knowledge. People soon began to spread the word about the products in Beverly Hills.
S T Go continues research into the influences that affect the complexion. The company is dedicated to applying scientific knowledge to product development and informing the public what ingredients are effective.
It was with the consumers’ awareness in mind, and through investigation and research in scientific methods that S T Go developed the products and a new approach to skin care. Intensive research was put to use in employing natural, active ingredients to achieve the optimum environment for the skin and complexion. S T Go represents a new era in beauty and health care products, products that are highly effective and that respect the nature of your skin.